100 Rules for the female slave

  1. I will serve, obey and please my Master.
  2. Above all else my only desire is to please my Master.
  3. I worship my Master.
  4. I worship my Master’s body.
  5. The power of my Master fills me with awe.
  6. To receive pleasure i must earn it.
  7. I worship my Master’s whip.
  8. I trust my Master.
  9. I am nothing more than an object of great value – an instrument to be used by my Master for his pleasures.
  10. I will ask my Master for permission to satisfy whatever need i have before acting on it.
  11. my body and mind is the property of my Master.
  12. I must always give thanks to my Master for all i am given immediately after receiving what He gives me.
  13. I must be specific in my speech.
  14. I will not hesitate when responding to my Master.
  15. I will thank my Master for the discipline and punishments i receive, specifying what i received and expressing the reason as to why i was given them.
  16. I have no will of my own other than that which falls within the context of the rules i have selected and of that which is needed to pursue the ambitions i am allowed to seek out as according to the permissions i have received from my Master.
  17. I am always in submission to my Master.
  18. All my choices are based upon whether or not they will please my Master.
  19. When i am not in the presence of my Master and i have choices to make – I will perform them to the best of my abilities.
  20. I shall wear the collar my Master gives me with pride for it signifies His ownership of me and my devotion to Him.
  21. I shall wear the chains my Master gives me as a symbol of my position in life – that of bondage to Him.
  22. When i am ready – i shall wear His rings to signify my submission to Him – one pierced through each nipple of my breasts and one through each vaginal labia.
  23. My mouth may be referred to as a cunt for it will often be used as such.
  24. My sex shall only be referred to as a cunt.
  25. When the cock of my Master is put into my mouth and i am directed to suck it – i will do so vigorously as long as i am required to do so. i will not use my hands during the sucking unless directed to do so.
  26. my Master’s cum must never go to waste – i will swallow all of it if Master cums in my mouth (and be punished should I spill any of it from my lips). i will lick it up from my hands or from a plate i hold in front of Him to receive it, or with the food He gives me which He may require of me to hold just under His cock as He ejaculates over it. i will clean His cock thoroughly squeezing out every last drop. In rare and privileged cases i may wear my Master’s cum on my body – sometimes after massaging it into my skin. Cum is a gift from my Master and an honour to receive it. The eating of my Master’s cum will be considered as one of my meals for that day.
  27. I will worship my Master’s cock.
  28. I will worship my Master’s ass only after a thorough washing of it. i shall do so hungrily being sure to lick between the cheeks for as long as my Master requires me to do so. i will use my hands to spread my Master’s cheeks apart.
  29. I will never look into the eyes of my Master without his permission.
  30. my head must be bowed down in the presence of my Master.
  31. my eyes must be cast down in the presence of my Master.
  32. I must always wear revealing clothing for my Master unless given permission to do so otherwise. The clothing I wear will allow easy access to my cunt, ass and breasts. The clothing will emphasise and often exaggerate my assets. i will wear such clothing in any kind of weather.
  33. When others show an interest in what i am wearing i must ask them if they would like to see more and then gladly show them what they would like to see but only after i have received permission from my Master – for i trust my Master’s judgment that such a display is not only reasonable but is safe to do.
  34. I must remove all of my clothing in the way i have been taught when Master commands of me to do so – regardless of who may be present and despite where it is i am – i trust my Master.
  35. When I remove clothing from my body it must be folded neatly and placed in a small pile in front of me just ahead of my feet or my knees if i should be required to be in my kneeling position after striping myself.
  36. My basic attire in the presence of my Master shall consist of a collar and my highest heels. The rings of my submission, if i have been pierced, must also be attached to my body.
  37. my legs, underarms and cunt must be kept completely shaved smooth and clean so that nothing of me is hidden from view.
  38. Unless otherwise given permission – my hair must be above my shoulders exposing my shoulders and the nape of my neck – especially when i am naked. Whenever i need to pick something up i must do so wherever possible by going into a kneeling position to pick it up or to receive something from someone else. i will perform this motion according to how Master has taught me.
  39. My cunt and ass must be thoroughly washed and properly perfumed before serving my Master.
  40. My “place” is on my knees before my Master.
  41. When in the household of my Master, but not in use, i will go to the place He has selected for me until i am needed.
  42. My greatest satisfaction is realised when i know i have pleased my Master.
  43. It is natural for me to feel depressed, saddened and empty when i know i am not pleasing my Master.
  44. I want my submission to my Master to feel natural and will work towards this end with a continued effort to enforce this growing feeling inside of me.
  45. I fear no other power for my Master will protect me.
  46. I will not hesitate in my obedience to my Master.
  47. I will always be ready to please my Master.
  48. The opportunity to please my Master is very important to me and i will take every chance to do so.
  49. I choose willingly to be the property of Master and wish only that Master will see and treat me as His property.
  50. I am my Master’s greatest treasure.
  51. I must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from my Master. Should i reach orgasm without permission, i will endure the punishment Master will put upon me without my safe words.
  52. The safe words Amber and Red, given to me by my Master can be spoken at any time – even when i have been told to be silent. If i am not able to verbalize it I make three knocks with a limb or my head.
  53. I must tell my Master when i have been bad and give the reasons why i need to be punished..
  54. I must never be concerned with covering myself in public when i think or know too much of my is showing, however, I can ask my Master for permission to do so.
  55. My Master will decide what my sexual orientation will be. i will commit myself to His decision and perform as such only in His presence and only with His permission. i know my performance will be measured and corrected as He sees fit should i be required to attend to myself or perform upon another slave.
  56. I must tell my Master if I have had an orgasm without His permission so that I can be properly punished for my disobedience and disrespect.
  57. Pain and pleasure shall be with me always – in my thoughts and fantasies.
  58. I will endure whatever pain my Master gives me when he disciplines or punishes me so i can become a better slave for Him.
  59. I will work on building up my tolerances to the level i feel is necessary to please my Master, but i will be careful not to push myself further or faster than I am ready to endure or adapt to.
  60. Through discipline and punishment i shall learn to behave.
  61. In bondage i am made free.
  62. I will never touch my breasts, nipples, cunt or clit with my hands or sex toys without permission from my Master except to wash them, shave my cunt, adjust my breasts as i fit them into clothing, or to attach my rings.
  63. Only through submission can i find my true self.
  64. I must never show disrespect for my Master in any way – no matter where I am – in his presence or not.
  65. Crying and the shedding of tears for my Master during punishment is good and expected for it softens my will and bonds me closer to my Master.
  66. I am always in complete submission to my Master.
  67. The needs of my Master are more important than my own.
  68. I must be attentive to the needs of my Master and always be ready to respond to them to the best of my abilities.
  69. I am allowed to suggest ways to further my training or use of me as long as I address my Master properly first.
  70. I must always respond fully both physically and verbally to whatever my Master does with me. Expressions are important to Him.
  71. I must always feel sexual – i am a sexual being.
  72. I must always remember how pleased my Master is when others delight in my sexiness.
  73. I may at times offer various parts of my body to my Master in hopes He will take pleasure in using them in whatever ways He wishes. my only hope will be that my offering will please Him. If not, i want Him to punish me.
  74. If I wish to be my Master’s toilet (for pee only) i shall gladly give my body to Him to pee on, my cunt for Him to pee into, my cupped hands to Him to fill with His pee from which I will drink from, my food for Him to anoint with His pee, my salad dish for Him to squirt His dressing onto, my glass for Him to fill with His special wine. I will open my mouth and stick out my tongue for Him to wipe the head of his cock on after He has peed. I will lift my breasts to him in hopes He will splash me with His pee. i will honour His pee with the same honour i have for His cum.
  75. In His presence i will not wear a pad or tampon when i have my period without His permission. Even during my period i must be available to Him for His use. If i have agreed to serve Him bisexually and a female slave has been assigned to tend to me while i have my period i will allow her to take care of me even if she has been directed to feed upon my cunt.
  76. If I have agreed to be a toilet (for pee only) for my Master and i have agreed to serve him bisexually – i will cup my mouth tightly to the selected female slave’s cunt who needs to pee and drink from her – hopefully without spilling.
  77. I will always sleep in the nude – kneeling first before i enter my bed and kneeling first as soon as i get out of my bed for it is a great privilege to have a bed to sleep on.
  78. I must never tighten my body when it is being whipped, caned, cropped, slapped, paddled, belted, strapped, spanked, bullwhipped, or anally or vaginally pumped. my Master likes it when my flesh jiggles and He knows that when i tighten my body it hurts more.
  79. I am proud to wear upon my body the marks given to me by my Master. i know that my Master will never mark me permanently without my agreement, but i will gladly suffer for Him so he can mark me with the stripes he wishes to decorate my body with for His viewing pleasure.
  80. I will always listen with a strong interest to what my Master has to say during my training. I want to learn all that I can from Him so I can understand more about Him, about me, about the English Roissy and BDSM.
  81. When I take a shower I can do so the way i like to, but when I have finished washing i must rinse my entire body with only cold water for not less than 2 full minutes. i am not to try to cover my body with my arms and hands thereafter. i may use a towel to dry off, but in my Master’s presence – I can only be dried off by Him.
  82. When i walk, sit or stand i will do so with such great confidence that others around me will admire my performance.
  83. When standing still i shall do so with my feet and legs seperated, my hands held behind my back and my head bowed down. i will remain silent in the way He has taught me.
  84. I will lick my Master’s body dry after He has come out of the shower.
  85. When sitting i shall sit up straight with my legs seperated and my hands palms down on the top of my thighs.
  86. i will not speak to others without my Master’s permission except to say to them that they will have to speak to my Master first. This is especially important at play parties.
  87. I shall learn to endure whippings from my Master by using the technique of counting each strike.
  88. I shall gladly make my body available to my Master to be used as furniture: a footstool to rest his weary feet and legs upon, my backside for a table to eat off of, my breasts to hold his wine glass between, and the palms of my hands to be used to hold a plate of food or other items.
  89. Privacy is a privilege – even to have it when i need to use the bathroom. i must ask for it and accept my Master’s decision even when i am denied it.
  90. As a helper slave i shall assist my Master in the training and use of other slaves.
  91. As a preparer slave i shall ready other slaves for my Masters use.
  92. As a cleaner slave i shall use my tongue to clean my Master’s cum from the body of any slave He has put it upon and my mouth to suck it from a female slave’s cunt which my Master has used for His pleasure.
  93. As a provider slave i shall offer parts of my body to those selected by my Master for their pleasure.
  94. As a domestic slave i shall perform chores for my Master with sexually enticing manners.
  95. As a sex slave i shall incorporate a sexual attitude and hunger in everything i do and be eager to sexually perform for my Master at all times.
  96. When my Master uses me for His pleasures or for making love to and i can feel myself about ready to have an orgasm – i must ask for permission to have it or hold on till He gives me permission to do so. i must tell my Master if i am having an orgasm without His permission so that i can be punished for my disobedience and disrespect.
  97. I am free to leave my Master at any time without the fear of permanently losing Him as my Master.
  98. I want to suffer for my Master in ways that please Him and that are safe for me to suffer through.
  99. If I am sent to another Master or Mistress to serve – i will serve them well for I want my Master to receive a good report of my service to them.

100.  I will not date others or form a relationship with others without permission and approval from my Master. If I should have sex with others i will have it safely and will always tell my Master in detail the sex i have had.  


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